Yuka Estrella


Yuka Estrella is an international artist performer with 7 years of experience in fire show, acting and aerial shows. She began her career as a gogo dancer during hip-hop events and now she can boast of performances in countries such as France, UK, China, Usa, Poland, Switzerland, Bali, Singapore, Vietnam, Marroco, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Belgium.



As a fire performer she kindle every stage to redness and guarantee extreme emotions with each of her amazing performances. Her shows frighten us and at the same time delight us.


In creating her shows, she is inspired by Marco Punk, The Villbergs, Mako Ibiza and her dreams and nightmares. Each performance is created only by her and she is responsible for everything like creating costumes, music and choreography.



Her shows are mix between dark, chic, bizarre and erotic. This combination impresses and ignites the senses of viewers. She lives in Paris but travels a lot with her performances. You could see her shows at events such as Hellfest, Philipp Plein Fashion Show, Fashion Week at Milan or even Ludacris birthday! What’s more, she also belongs to Cirque Le Soir and she is there as resident since 3 years. In her shows, she likes the most the part of creation to then express herself during the shows. She loves to perform on all types of scenes – small and large, both indoor and outdoor. Everything to chase her dreams!



All photos were taken by Kamila Burzymowska during Katowice Tattoo Konwent.