Jeanette Fjelldahl´s own words.

Have always been a very creative person. When I was little I was Always making things.. From drawing my dreams to making figures out of toiletpaperrolls and soda bottles.

When I was 15 we had this work week at school and I found out I had to do something special that my friends wouldnt even think about doing… where I could use my creative mind and make something everyday. So I went home and told my parents that I figured out I wanna be a tattoo artist! I was not really met with excitement to put it that way, and I think that was the only time in my youth I was told “No!
You are not allowed to do that” So then I wanted it even more! Haha.

I went to art school for 3 years and after I tried some different things. Studied clothing design at Esmod, illustrated a childrensbook about a christmastroll , made a tiny collection of baby clothing, had some art excibitions , painting and drawing portraits of people… And Finally in 2011 I had made my portofolio and was ready to ask for an apprenticeship.

My favourite tattoo artist around was Trond Kjørkleiv at Leadinglight and I wanted to learn from him. Lucky me got five and a half Amazing years with the most Amazing people at Leadinglight Sandnes and Stavanger, and now I just started my own studio called Private Ink in Stavanger, Norway.
My preferred style is realism.

Jeanette Fjelldahl

Studio:  Private Ink

From : Norway

Experience: Soon 6 years tattooing

My preferred style is realistic

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