A Great Read With Insight Into The Yakuza Tattoo:

Without giving too much away from the book itself. It is one of the most precise insights and explanations, into the tattoo traditions of the Yakuza. It both goes into the rules and traditions, that decides how a member of the Yakuza and why they get the tattoo they get. As well as looking into the symbolism and trends among the tattoos and members of the Yakuza.

One of the Insights of the book, is looking at how the Yakuza’s tattoos are both heavily dictated by tradition. Yet the visual image of the Yakuza, as well as their tattoos today. Have some western influences. From their Italian mobster suits. To how some of the younger members today, are inspired by Californian gang tattoos and the like.

However, to some readers, the most fascinating part of this book. Is how Andreas explains the religious connections and the mythology that inspires and dictates many of the Yakuza’s tattoos. A lot of the meanings in the tattoos, is taken directly from the ancient Shinto Faith and Mythology.

How The Book Came About:

At this years Stockholm Ink Bash, the audience had the pleasure of hearing about the book from its author.
The highlight of his interesting presentation, being the story of how he got to make the book. A book that only just came out, earlier this year in April.

Part of his research for the book, involved something few people, especially westerners, could ever boast about.
Andreas Johansson, got to follow around the Yakuza and essentially “living” with them, for a year or so.
Getting closer than anyone ever has to this notorious “gang” and their culture.

He got to do this, becuase of a chance meeting. Andreas met Ken-san, who was a major Yakuza boss. He explained his idea to the Yakuza boss, who coincidentally liked it and invited him to come stay with his gang. Of course the author had to be vetted and put through trials, before he was found worthy. But he succeeded and he was thus able to create this incredible book.

Final Comments:

Andreas Johansson without a doubt achieved something incredible. His book too has achieved something awesome, giving a most detailed insight into a gang, that is as famous for its infamous brutality as it is for its tattoos.
This book is definitely one to wish for this upcoming Christmas.

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