Wrocław Tattoo Konwent 2021

77 Photos of Entertainment



Tattoo Konwent in Wrocław was visited by about 6 thousand people. Among them were residents of the capital of Lower Silesia and visitors. During the last day of July and the first day of August, we had the opportunity to see top-notch entertainment. 


On the show stage, Berenika Nienadowska from Wrocław – a master of poledance, Krystian Minda – a hero of extreme freakshow, and LUQO ART – an expert in the field of equilibrium and contortionism, performed. Participants enjoyed watching Marian Folga, an artist specializing in body painting, create paintings on human skin. The event featured a mini fashion and design fair and a vinyl exchange. There was also a zone for motorization fans and a zone for the youngest participants. Wrocław Tattoo Konwent ended in the evening, with the announcement of the results of the competition for the best tattoo on the second day of the festival. 


You must see the photos of the attractions that my eyes admired during Wroclaw Tattoo Konwent 2021 – my first tattoo convention during the pandemic. Sit back and see for yourself how beautiful, exciting and colorful it was <3