Wrocław Tattoo Konwent 2021

40 Tattoos



Tattoo Konwent is an event addressed to the lovers of artistic tattoo. The first festival after a year-long break took place in Wrocław, at the Wrocław Stadium July 31st and August 1st. Almost 150 tattoo artists were working on the spot – authors of hundreds of designs that were created during the two days of the event.


The best tattoos were awarded. Among tattoo artists who received statuettes for first place in each category were:

  • Darek from Machinarium Tattoo studio (for the Best Big Tattoo)
  • Ania Deep from Red Czarne Złoto Tattoo studio (for Best Traditional & Neotraditional Tattoo)
  • Tohael Tattoo from Mad Królik studio (for Best Graphic/Geometric Tattoo)
  • Piotr from Bluszcz Tattoo studio (for Best Sleeve/Leg/Whole Front/Back tattoo)
  • James Art INK from Next Level studio (for Best Tattoo of Day 1 of the Convention)
  • Sergey Butenko (for Best Small Tattoo)
  • Karol from Inkognito Tattoo studio (for Best Realistic Portrait Tattoo)  
  • Hariam Art from Czarne Złoto Tattoo studio (for Best Newcomer Tattoo)
  • Nikita and Oxi from Nie mów mamie studio (for Best Two Day Tattoo & Collaborations)
  • Karolina from White Rabbit Tattoo studio (for Best Tattoo of Day 2 of the Convention)
Are you curious about these beautiful works? We have prepared for you tattoos that we had a chance to see during this beautiful and colorful weekend.