World Class Collaboration on Solveig

Today we introduce you to a spec. collaboration piece made on the Norwegian tattoo collector
Solveig. She took the trip down to this years Milano Tattoo Convention where 3 artists, all from
the famous Intenze Ink Pro Team.
Torsten Malm, Katlin Malm, both from Estonia and Adrian Cier from Germany.
A fourth artist was supposed to work with them, but he (Moriel Seror) was unfortunately
not able to make it.

Mediazink followed the collaboration piece all 3 days and we are happy to show you the progres.


Collab in Milano
The stencil work is ready

Collab in Milano
A back piece is now being created


Collab in Milano 03
After the first day Solveig is on the bench again

Collab in Milano
More ink entering the body


Collab in Milano
3 long days for the team and Solveig

Collab team in Milano
Torsten – Solveig – Katlin & Adrian

Here is another collaboration piece from these amazing artists.
This picture went viral and had more than 14 million views.

Clown collab