World Chocolate Day

Maybe not everyone is a chocolate fan, but let’s agree, MOST people are!

Undoubtedly, there is something magical about this form of sweetness. After all, it’s even capable of improving your mood! That’s why chocolate has its day too, on the 7th of July, which is today, we celebrate World Chocolate Day.

If you really like chocolate and you have no idea for your new tattoo, we have a great solution for you. Stay here for a while and browse through more than 40 chocolate-related tattoos that we have prepared for you.

After all, chocolate can be a bar, a muffin, a cake, poured hot in a cup and there is even chocolate milk. The ideas for using this magical sweetness are many.

We will present dozens of tattoo designs made on the body by artists from around the world. Are you curious who done the tattoo? Take a peek at the photo you like and find the artist using their nickname on their Instagram account. It’s very easy 🙂

But before that – sit back and indulge yourself without any restrictions or guilt by eating your favorite chocolate treat. Whatever is covered in chocolate today also celebrates its day ♥



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