Situated in the heart of the City Centre, GoMA is Scotland’s most visited modern art gallery displaying work that highlights the interests, influences and working methods of artists from around the World.
Mediazink have during our visit decided to highlight four great art pieces for your joy. We call them Wonders From Glasgow Of Modern Art Museum.

The four pieces will be shown in two seperate articles featuring two artists at the time and they are coming up after Christmas here on
Artwork is so many thing and we try to show you these selected pieces exhibited Works from Glasgow.

Coming soon!

Below we have an exhibition with art pieces from the ground floor at GOMA.

IMG_0332 IMG_0323
Number One : Dog                                                       Number two: Ryvita Stone

Number three: Chair Composition

IMG_0325 IMG_0322
Number four: Grey Cubism                                       Number five: Messing Up

The titles are our own.
Please comment on the Numbers you like, in the comment section below.