Why People Got Game of Thrones Tattoos

Many people get tattoos of their favorite things, including TV series. That was why fans flocked to get Game of Thrones tattoos offered by British streaming service NOW TV last March.

About 30 people lined up to get their body tattooed for free with symbols inspired by the popular series. Designs ranged from the sword of Arya Stark to famous quotes like “Winter Is Coming”.


It’s not the first time the series inspired body art. So why are people so obsessed with Game of Thrones? One of the fans said that the show provided a simple escape from reality.

But the audience also identify with the characters. Lauren Winzer, an artist who was hired in the event, said that people get the tattoos because they love and relate to the show.

The woman who got the sword tattoo said she had been bullied and Arya’s sword reminded her to be strong. Another fan, who got a tattoo of Daenerys Targaryen, said that the character is inspiring because she fights against injustice.

All in all, the fans who went considered the show to be personally important to them. Indeed, body art is a way to honor the things that one values.