Maria Jose Cristerna, a woman with tattoos and artworks in her body, turned into a vampire woman. She is a Mexican born lady who has transformed as a vampire lady very recently by a Mexican lawyer. It is said to be the weirdest transformation on the history of the earth. She has injected a titanium horn on her head. At present, she is just look like a vampire lady and there is no doubt in her appearance.

This Mexican lady was born in Mexico in a very religious family. She has turned into 35 this year and has got immense courage to become a lady of what she is. She has covered all her body into tattoos and ark works. She had to go through dental works as well to look like a vampire. She had four children. She is very much popular in the whole Mexico with her weird appearance. Although people often get frightened to see her on the street but many of them get amused as well.


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She has given so many interviews to the media and described her weird appearance in public. She described her story in the media from her very childhood. She is a lawyer who has turned into a vampire lady very recently. She had brought in the city of Guadalajara of Mexico. It was said to be the notorious town in Mexico. It was the city of abuse and many of them had suffered from torture and family abuse for so many years along. Cristerna had to go through this stage of life which made her the way she is now.


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She is considerably the first women vampire of the world. She always wanted to do something very weird and she had to do what she likes the most. It was not so circumspect to believe that she wanted to become a vampire from the very beginning. She was a lady with strong determination and courage, usually doesn’t bother with what others think about her appearance in public. She has a noble mind on her own. She listens to other women who had suffered a lot in their lives and wanted to solve the ir problems. She has this charitable nature which made her looks so special to others. Apart from that, she is a video jockey as well. She also has a habit of travelling the world and playing tunes with her friends Gia Sanchez. One of the closest friends of Maria revealed that when she was first appeared with her vampire looks in public, people tend to think that she was devil or she as possessed by a spirit. People even think that she was taking drugs. This type of negative thinking of the people had made her very upset. But later, people started changing their mind and now she is quite popular among the mass. People show respect to her and now she is quite happy with whom she is. People started worship her for her noble cause of helping others.