Have you heard about big competition by IQ Tattoocare? Today we will tell you how it all began and how this crazy race ended.


It all started with the innovation company IQ Tattoocare, which specializes in developing natural products for a safe and effective healing process without the use of harmful chemicals.

The company has been developing the best tattoo cream and concept since 2014, one of the main goals of the company is to help talented tattoo artists develop their business, use only the best tattoo care product and make the tattoo industry more professional and innovative.

That is why IQ Tattoocare has decided to make a crazy competition together with the main co-organizers  @mediazink_official  www.facebook.com/mediazink and @Mytattooinc  www.facebook.com/MyTattooInc

Why crazy you ask? Because the conditions for participation are as simple as possible, and the winnings are incredibly huge – a prize pool of over 10,000 euro. 

What prizes are prepared for the winners? In addition to more than 700 units of the best tattoo cream from IQ Tattoocare, the winners received prizes in the form of more than 10 interviews with the beautiful Kamila from MediaZink, as well as several large portfolio displays in My Tattoo Inc. And to all this, there is also fame and recognition, free PR on our sites. But the most important prize that we have prepared for you is the creation of your own private label tattoo aftercare.

On May 17 our cool competition began, for 3 weeks more than 200 tattooists, tattoo models, and tattoo shop owners were as active as possible and fought for the main prizes.

Time flew by quickly, on June 7 we were ready to announce 5 lucky ones. Let’s find out who the fortune smiled at. And so the 5th place was taken by @vb_tato, 4th place – @daniellascheibye, 3rd place – @malincarper, 2nd place – @jack_galan_art. And, of course, the main intrigue of 3 weeks – who will get a unique opportunity to win the development of a private label? The main prize went to – @sephora__official


5th place – @vb_tato

4th place – @daniellascheibye

3rd place – @malincarper

2nd place – @jack_galan_art

1st place – @sephora__official


The prizes have already gone to their winners. Thank you all for your participation, we hope that soon we will be able to please you with an even cooler competition!