It´s really buzzing in Sundspärlan. The electric buzz of the needle against the skin interferes with talk and laughter from the guests and artists, who have just begun the first hours of this weekend’s convention, 50 shades of ink, held in Helsingborg.

“Do you want another skull?” asks a girl in pink sneakers her father. “No, I think I must have an eagle,” he replies. “An eagle sitting on a skull.” They laugh.

The girl and her father are some of the first guests to arrive in Sundspärlan. They are especially looking forward to seeing Matt Gone, which also goes by the name “The checker man,” and gradually has become a brand in himself. Friday however, also offer contests, music and the very best, most fascinating and latest trends from the tatoo and bodyartworld. 50 shades and ink continues throughout the weekend, and MediaZink has obviously put his nose in the track, and sniff out the best stories for you. So follow us here.