Vladimir Franz; Runner Up To The Czech Presidency:

Vladimir Franz is a man of many talents and many achievements. He is an award winning composer, a painter as well as a university lecturer since 1993. He has been part of the arts community in the Czech Republic for many years, composing several operas and symphonies, as well as exhibiting a lot of paintings. Truly he is a man whom most of the Czech republic knows very well, even more so for two other “achievements” of his.

Vladimir Franz was part of the Czech presidential election in 2013, where he himself ran for the coveted post.
He even got further than many would have thought he would, especially attracting the young voters, with his very progressive views and such. He got so far, as to be the 5th place in the presidential election, in the first round.

But what really grabbed the world media back in 2012 and 2013, during the election campaigning. Was the fact that Vladimir Franz, despite his very highly cultured, academic and classy background; Has covered 90% of his body in tattoos, including all of his face/head.

90% Covered in Tattoos; 100% Cultured:

Indeed Vladimir Franz is a perfect example of how tattoos, can be for everyone and how they do not change a person’s intelligence. He has had a long and succesful career within academics, especially within the faculty of arts.
Even going as far, as becoming a faculty member at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He even went further still in 2004 and was awarded the title; Professor of Dramatic Arts.

But as much as he loves art and academics, he also loves tattoos, as he explains in an interview with TV Nova in 2013:

The art of tattooing is accompanying mankind since time immemorial. In addition to the original magic and ritual function, it represents also an aesthetic function. Of course – an aesthetic point of view is a matter of each free individual. Tattooing is an expression of free will, not touching the freedom of others. It is an expression of permanent and unchangeable decision to stand up for your opinion, in both good and bad. (…) My tattooing is result of a long-term sophisticated concept, not a sudden emotion.

Indeed he has thought long and hard about his tattoos, and what they mean to him. Defending time and time again, the individual aspect of tattooing, as well as how they serve to help people, with their self-realization.

Final Comments:

We here at Mediazink know that we may sound biased with what we say now, but we wish their could be more politicians like Vladimir Franz. Not necessarily who are themselves tattooed or pierced, or anything like that. But politicians who share his enlightened point of view, in regards to body-art (and more). Politicians, who realize how important tattooing and similar practices, can be to many people’s identities and their sense of self. As well as realize the fact that a world where everyone can be themselves, might be a better place.

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