Patricia Santana, also best known as the Viudu Negra or Black Widow, is a tattoo artist and freak show performer from Costa Rica. Viuda Negra for more than 11 years in Costa Rica, proficient body specialists with over 15 years of experience, wholesalers of the best brands.

Viuda Negra- the Black Widow is not Patricia Santana, they occupy a similar body but rather they are two altogether different ladies.

Santana was born in Facatativá, a town in western Colombia known for having the archeological history of that nation.

Viuda Negra- the Black Widow has turned into a great deal of work in a referent inside the society of tattooists in Costa Rica. It is additionally a standout amongst the most performing administrators of the suspension craftsmanship.

They go to her blameless newbies to mastermind tattoos that somebody didn’t know how to do; their work then gets to be distinctly attempting to get it. “You need to get into that individual’s head, comprehend it, and prompt it.”

A greater part fears her since her work is not business, and in light of the fact that she doesn’t mull over saying something, she talks without channels, gazing into the eyes with one single mission: to be recalled.

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Patricia took a stab at tattooing interestingly on her boyfriend for the first time. She makes around two tattoos a day. From time to time she has visits in various parts of the world that permit him to grow his image. She has gone all through North America, Latin America and Europe. Today she is 41 years of age, yet she originated from Colombia with 20 years, $ 100 and just three machines for inking.

To defeat her injuries, she chose to make Viuda Negra- the Black Widow an adjust inner self that appropriates her at whatever point she can. Viuda Negra- the Black Widow needs to feel agony to overlook the torment.

Viuda Negra- the Black Widow has cured some of her injuries by embeddings needles into her cheek, opening layers on her skin, playing with flame, scratching her skin with ink, dying, wearing bits of cowhide, shouting everything inside her, which harms her. Persecutes and frightens.

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Viuda Negra- the Black Widow works at her Black Widow or Viuda Negra tattoo parlor, in Centro Colón (Paseo Colón). Black Widow or Viuda Negra Tattoo Arts in Parkdale has practical experience in luxurious, point by point, reasonable black and dark representations shot through with clues of shading, and additionally Japanese-style work. The current, loungelike shop is completely custom, which means each piece is exceptional.

Inside there are two premises for which you pay about ¢ 3 million lease. There is a work area, purple dividers secured by it, a cowhide seat with pink pads, there is a concealed snake, black garments, catrinas, needles, tattoo machines, and an interesting sentiment peacefulness.


Viuda Negra- the Black Widow also performs at freak shows. Her level of performance is sometimes to the height of pain and amusement combined. In her last show, she got herself hanged from hooks put in the back and legs.