An Artist With An Eye For Patterns and The Ornamental:

Visothkakvei as the artist is known by, on Instagram and Facebook. Creates art which is absolutely mesmerizing to look at. It is almost as if this artist, views the world differently. As if he sees the world differently from the rest of us.
Creating beautiful art on everything from pieces of paper, to coffee cups, human skin (with pencils not tattooing) and even in the snow outside.

The art he chooses to create, is a mesmerizing ornamental patterns. He seems to love to put life and flow into his beautiful pieces of art. Sometimes by creating a natural flow in the drawing itself. But he also seems to love, to add a touch of nature or scenery within it. Adding flowers and vines into his patterns and even creating them on drawings of fish and other creatures.

Bound To Inspire Artists and Tattoo Artists Alike:

Visothkakveis style, seems to fit strangely both within the minimalist and yet also the very detailed styles. It sometimes seems like he drew a circle, and then within the circle, saw a whole universe that he had to draw.
It is in itself reminiscent, of how some tattoos artists, can look at an arm or a leg etc. and see a piece of art almost come to life on it in their mind.

Indeed both the way this artist uses patterns to form ornamental pieces. As well as how he creates seamless art within preexisting shapes, even how he draws animals. Could be great inspiration for both other artists as well as tattoo artists alike.

Final Comments:

Whether an artist or not yourself, you should not miss out on watching Visothkakveis art. Especially not on the videos he posts on Instagram and Facebook. It is truly mesmerizing and pleasing to the eye, to see how he draws these beautiful pieces.

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