VIP Concert – 50 Shades Of Ink
This year the organisers behind the convention have engaged the new RockZink to present
a hard rocking concerts for all VIP´s at the convention.


The warm up act is The Royal Ruckus.
A band been playing Sweden Rock and recently finished a German tour.
Visit their website:

The Royal Ruckus
Photo: From the website.

The Royal Ruckus – Let Me Tell You (Official Video)

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As Headlining act, comes the band from Stockholm named CRUNGE.


Get ready for a wicked musical road trip on a winding road through a vast landscape of 70’s inspired heavy metal riffs, passing a garden grown from the 90’s grunge vibes all the way to current modern times. It all comes together in a heavy, groovy catchiness that just refuses to be ignored.

CRUNGE are a hard rock band from Stockholm, Sweden consisting of stringslingers Mathias and Jonathan, drumpounder Richard, basscrunching Peter and the alluring Pepper Potemkin. You’re most welcome to join us on our journey towards glorious victory.

Visit them on facebook:

CRUNGE – The Treason (Official Video)

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