Vinka Wydro


Why did you start being a model and how long have you been doing this?


I started to be a model at 18, I was mentioned by a photographer during an evening. I always wanted to be a model because I am interested in fashion and this environment has always attracted me. I like having the privilege of wearing incredible clothes, being able to pose for great designers and meeting a lot of people.


You are also a DJ. How did you discover your passion for music? How long have you been doing this for?


I have already been a DJ for almost 3 years. Music is a passion that I received from my father. He played the guitar and for my 8 years he gave me a guitar and an amp. I started to learn by self didactic, at 13 I played the drums. It was only later, during an evening, that I realized when I saw a dj playing that I wanted to learn to mix. I saved to buy my first turntables, and I learned by myself. I like to learn by self didactic to discover things for myself even if it takes more time.

Are there any differences in DJ work when you are a woman and not a man? I ask because most people associate the profession DJ with men. Does it make it harder to achieve a career? 


Yes there is a difference between the two. It is true that the profession of DJ remains mainly influenced by men. Very often women are not taken seriously when they mix. We tend to be judged by the fact that we are a woman and not by our music. It is therefore more difficult to make a career, it is a shame because women are not valued enough and many think that women can not mix better than men.


What would you say to yourself and what advice would you give yourself if you could go back to the time when you started posing in front of the camera?


At the beginning, I would have advised myself to have more confidence in myself. And avoid mistakes such as taking everything and anything in a contract and avoid trusting certain people.



How do tattoos on your body affect your career as a model and as a DJ?


My tattoos have never been a drag on my work. I find that it shows my personality and brings a touch of originality. On the contrary, it sets me apart from the others. I think people are more open now with tattooing, it doesn’t bother a career and has no negative effect.


You have many successes, which of them is the most valuable for you?


Developing in what I do is the main thing, being able to share and transmit my passions. Just be happy.


What do you like most about being a model and a DJ?


In the profession of dj, I like the energies released by the crowd, feeling the positive vibrations of the audience. It gives me pleasure. In modeling, I like being always on top physically, well dressed and a perfect make up. Bring out the best, surpass yourself. Thanks to this job I have the opportunity to travel everywhere.


You are not only a photo model and DJ but you are also a hostess on tattoo conventions. How do you find yourself at such events?


I love tattoo conventions. Tattooing is also another passion. There is always a good atmosphere at conventions, it’s festive and we meet a lot of people who have the same passion, it’s great. Being a hostess at these events is an honor and a pleasure for me. It’’s nice to pose for photographers all day. There are also people who ask us for selfies, they are welcoming with us. It’s a great experience and I keep good times.

What are your other hobbies except modeling and beaing a DJ? What do you like to do in your free time?


I like to relax as soon as I get the chance. I love nature and animals. I like to go on an adventure in a country and discover new horizons and new cultures. I also practice sport, dance


What are your biggest dreams?


I have a lot of dreams, but one of my biggest would be to open a tattoo shop in the United States



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