UV tattoos are usually intended for people who for various reasons can not afford a regular tattoo or for people who want to try something new. But is the tattoo for sure invisible in normal light? It is not quite so.


First of all such tattoo heals the same way as a regular tattoo so here also redness, scabs, or even inflammation appear. That is why the outbreak of this tattoo is visible already in the healing process itself. Another important issue is that a normal tattoo hides something like a scar under the ink which is not visible to the naked eye because it is covered by a layer of ink. In the case of white tattoos, the scar may be visible to the naked eye. But it doesn’t have to be 🙂 The smaller the design and the area to be tattooed with UV ink the less risk of a scar that will betray our tattoo.


Are you curious how to get a UV ink tattoo? It is very much the same as normal, the only difference is that it should be done under UV light. This is important due to the fact that the tattoo artist can see exactly where and what he has tattooed. The downside is undoubtedly the poor color palette of UV inks. Due to the fact that we got to know UV tattoo much later than traditional tattoo it is difficult to assess its durability in the skin. Theoretically, it should stay on the skin the same as all other tattoos. But if it is so, only time will show us. It is also time that will verify the fluorescent value of the ink. They are undoubtedly more sensitive to sunlight than traditional ones so they can also lose their properties and at some point stop glowing.


What is more, it is very important to have a professional tattoo artist who knows how to do this type of tattoo. He should have experience exactly in this field. Just because you got a great traditional tattoo from someone doesn’t mean that same tattoo artist will give you a great UV tattoo if he’s never done it in his life 🙂


What most people wonder before getting such a tattoo is if it is safe. Just like a traditional tattoo, it should be completely safe. But like any tattoo, it can cause an allergic reaction. Using inks that meet European safety standards does not mean that they will not cause an allergic reaction on sensitive skin. That is why it is worth checking before tattooing how our skin will react if we apply UV ink on a small part of it. This kind of ink is more likely to cause such reactions because it has definitely more chemicals in it.


What if you don’t like it? Remember also that this and every other tattoo can be removed by laser 🙂


UV Tattoo Ideas