Unique And Never Seen Before – Artfusion 2019 In Copenhagen.

With the intent of creating fully unique paintings that our visitors can follow
during the process and paintings that will afterwards be auctioned for charity.
Say´s Jacob who are one of the involved organizers in this years Tattoo event in Valby Hallen, Copenhagen.

Jacob wanted something different about the Artfusion and decided to create something that could be unique and never seen before.

He state “We have decided to invite 4 really talented artists at this years tattoo event in
Valby Hallen. These 4 artists will take part in this experiment”.
The 4 artists will be given the task of creating a fusion of their individual skills and differences.

4 canvases will be put up, each of them will have a rule on it. All 4 will draw lots to
see which painting they have to start with.
Every time an hour has passed,
they will switch places to a new canvas to make room for new ideas and directions
in each others productions.

We are calling the 4 artist North, South,
East and West as they are each carefully selected for this project because of
their skills and their differences.
Look forward to this – we are!

Here is the artist introduction of this Artfusion

A tattoo artist and a great painter. Kenni has a long history in the art scene despite
his young age.

Art made by Kenni from Denmark


Janie Lavigne
A great artist with huge interest to paint dogs super realistic art.

Janie Lavigne – Creating realistic dog paintings


Iver Gørtz
An Oldschool Tattoo artist who has been in the trade for ages. He is well known for his
huge focus on details and interest for the Nordic themes & The Underworld in general.
Owner of Twilight Art.

Iver Goertz from Denmark creating amazing details in this acrylic painting

Michael Wisniewski

An International Artist indeed. Michael has worked for some of the biggest companies in the World, he has specialized to create big art pieces with a sense for details.

Michael From Denmark

Michael From Denmark.
Owner of Murkunst.dk