Underage Tattooing; Celebrities Get Away With It:

Underage tattooing, normally when youngsters get tattooed before they are 18, there is a bit of uproar in society.
In fact, most times when an underage person want’s to get a tattoo, they aren’t allowed. Only in some states in the US and very rarely in other countries around the world, is it allowed with parental consent. However, just like with many other things, such as drinking, partying and the like. Some Celebrity status can make a lot of people look the other way.

This article is inspired by a feature on Inkedmag, where they show 6 young celebrities, who all got they quite extensive tattoo collections started, before they turned 18. Now youngsters have always wanted tattoos even before they are allowed. Most of you reading this probably asked your parents for permission before you were 18, others among you got a tattoo when you were underage yourself. So it doesn’t only raise questions about the young celebrities, but also about the integrity of the tattoo industry.

Is all it takes for artists not to care, for an individual to have some celebrity status. Indeed there is a reason the legal age for tattooing has been set to 18 in many countries. Much of social science on the topic, will show that youngsters develop most, from they are 16-18, that is when they really strive to figure out themselves. So perhaps getting a tattoo in that age isn’t a good idea? It can surely, very easily, lead to tattoo regret. Shouldn’t celebrities just like anyone else have to wait?

Wrong Role Models:

Now when focusing on the celebrities for a moment. As already said, they were or are youngsters in the same way most of you guys reading this once were. Indeed among the individuals featured by Inkedmag, there are even some well done and solid pieces within the collections. But does that make it okay? it is indeed quite a moral dilemma.
One can at least hope they won’t regret their tattoos or that they won’t go too far too soon.

On that note, there seems to be a crazy trend now among young celebrities, especially in the underground hip hop community, of starting out with facial tattoos. Now we have nothing against face tattoos here at MediaZink. But we would advice any youngsters or newbies reading this, that you should never start with a face tattoo. The face still remains a highly stigmatized area to get a tattoo in most places around the world.

Remember, that indeed as a celebrity and performer, you can get away with these things perhaps even without ruining their career or anything. But that doesn’t mean your average teen will be that lucky. Always make sure your career and way or making a living is secure, before you go that far. So don’t go down that road too soon, even if you admire these young celebrities.

Final Comment:

Underage tattooing, it is nothing that we would ever encourage here and we hope that both young people reading this and tattoo artists, will refrain from it. That being said, we hope that people will at least thing before they ink.
Rather that, than regretting it all later in your life.

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