Transition – Erina Fair; Taking Body-Modding Too Far:

Transition – Erina Fair, is an Australian studio specializing in body-modifications. Especially body-modifications of the more extreme variety. They proudly advertise that they do anything, from tongue splitting, surgically removing belly buttons and even genital alterations. This last kind of body-modifications is what got one artist working at the studio, into trouble with the law recently (read more).

37 year old Brendan Leigh Russell got into hot water with the law, and was arrested the other day on the 1st of may.
He was charged with having mutilated a woman’s genital area, during a procedure to modify the area. He was later released on the same day, but he will be required to go to court on may 15th.

Not much more is known about the case at this moment, as it has yet to go to court. But it still goes to show, that you need to be very clear about the procedure, before going into it. Both as an artists and as a client. However Brendan was also charged, with performing a medical procedure without a license, and perhaps even proper training.

Final Comments:

The case has yet to go to court and not much can be said about Transition – Erina Fair. But it does seem that their employee Brendan, might not be as skilled at his job as he claims to be. As we have mentioned several times, the case has yet to go to court, so we will have to wait and see. But do remember people, do proper research and to the artists out there, make sure you properly inform your clients so they know what is going to happen.

We will do our best to be back with an update on this case, after it has been to court and more information has been released. The case is also currently so new and the material so sensitive. That we are not able to bring you any pictures.

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