Therapeutic Tattoos; The Positive Effect of Tattoos:

Indeed one can today talk about therapeutic tattoos, at least according to the social sciences. More and more research conducted especially within the field of sociology, points towards a positive effect tattoos have on people’s self image. But even more astounding, tattoos have been documented to have a therapeutic and healing effect on people who have suffered various forms of trauma.

Be it mental or physical trauma, tattoos can help victims move on and overcome themselves. Many researchers believe it is because of the role tattoos can take on in this context. They become a way of reclaiming the individuals body and identity, from the trauma. Be it sexual assault, being a burn victim, breast cancer or even cutting as a result of mental trauma. Tattoos have been proven to help.

Some social scientists believe that tattoos gain there therapeutic effect, because they become a new reference point for the individual. This is because of their personal and unique nature (at least in most cases and to the individual wearing them). Thus the amount of personal thoughts and feelings that go into the tattoo, as well as how it can cover up eventual scarring. Helps the traumatized individual to move on.

Final Comment:

The research on this matter is still rather new. New research within the social sciences regarding tattoos will keep developing in the future. Luckily it is becoming more and more prevalent and the social sciences are starting to know a lot more about tattoos. But for now we can assume that for some individuals, tattoos indeed do help them heal.
As both some artists and clients can probably attest to.

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