Have you ever heard about Julia Gnuse ?
Julia Gnuse is known as the world’s most tattooed woman because 95% of her body is covered with a lot of different tattoos, including her face.
Different from The Enigma whose entire body is covered by tattoos, all of the tattoos which cover Julia Gnuse’s body are done by the same tattoo artists.
On the other hand, The Enigma’s tattoos are done by different tattoo artists, more than 200 different tattoo artists, exactly.
Because of her tattoos, she is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most tattooed women on Earth.

Julia Gnuse – The Illustrated Lady

Actually started to tattoo her body as a solution to cover up her lesions which are caused by a severe skin condition. However, tattoo then becomes her true passion so that she continuously adds more tattoos on her body.
This illustrated lady suffers from a disease called porphyria.
It is a disease that makes her skin to blister when she is exposed to sunlight. It is a rare disease, anyway.
The doctors told her that it is only medicine that could help her.
However, the medicines can also possibly make her blind.
So, she decided to have tattoos in order to cover up blisters on her leg.

A plastic surgeon gave her suggestion to tattoo her body the same color as her blisters. But the illustrated lady chose the most colorful ones because the tattoos suggested by the plastic surgeon was so difficult to reproduce. For the first time, Julia Gnuse only tattooed her legs. Then she started to tattoo her stomach, her arms, her back, and before she knew it, she had already fallen in love with tattoos. She continuously added tattoos on her body.
The tattoos which cover up her body are varied. From movie characters, cartoons, jungle scenes, and many more.

It took more than 5 years to create all of those tattoos on her body 
Moreover, the tattoos made her spend more than $80,000.
The tattoos on her body do not literally protect her from the sunlight since the blisters still occur.
However, the scars are now covered by the tattoos so that Julia Gnuse is more confident about herself now.
She does not have to be embarrassed by her blisters or scars anymore.
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