The World´s Longest Tattoo Session

Fremantle tattooist Krzysztof Barnas,
Photo by Emmie Dowling

The world’s longest tattoo session took place on July 1st, 2015. The session continued for almost 72 hours and broke all the previous records with great lead. Fremantle tattooist Krzysztof Barnas worked for around 72 hours. In all this time he was given a small, 5 minutes’ breather after every hour. This session was recorded as the longest session of tattoo performed by one person only who worked continuously through all the 72 hours.

Barnas was a tattooist by profession and always wanted to do something extraordinary and memorable with tattoos. His father died of cancer two years ago. That was the time when he got highly motivated to do something for the cancer patients. His major inspiration was his father. He decided to prepare himself for the world longest tattoo session and donate all the earnings to CanTeen. Canteen is a cancer support service in Australia that researches over the treatment of cancer patients. The emotional, educational and financial assistance is provided by Canteen to the people suffering from cancer. It was a very noble act by the artist as he donated all the proceedings for a great cause. Every year there are a large number of people who suffer from cancer. This session spread a lot of awareness among those people so that they can benefit from Canteen and its services.

Before the tattoo session, Barnas was not worried about the physical stress, all he was worried about was that people might not show up and that would force him to stop at a lesser duration. But luckily people showed up and he got to work for 72 straight hours. Before the session started Barnas took coffee and a hearty breakfast to keep going through the session. With his continuous efforts he managed to break the Guinness world record that was previously secured by an Italian tattooist named Alessandro Bonacorsi. Bonacorsi managed to work continuously for 50 hours and 5 minutes.

Barnas is now the new Guinness world record holder for the longest tattoo session. He stayed up for almost three days and tattooed the customers in various designs and colors. His donation of the proceedings to the noble cause of CanTeen makes it even better.