The Winners At Krakow Tattoofest  
Tattoofest Krakow | 3-4 June 2017

12th Tattoofest is already a part of history.
History of a Polish tattoo scene and tattooers that took part in this event showing their skills, talent and most amazing works appreciated by a jury members and rewarded by traditional skateboard decks.

I’m starting from this crucial element of each tattoo convention, because after all that years for me personally, it’s still one of the most important parts. And I don’t mean it only by giving awards and listing the most influential or most promising artists but as an educational aspect of a tattoo convention where outstanding works (both artistic and technical) can be shown to a bigger audience and praised.
I feel really proud to hear from artists that the award from Tattoofest is the most precious among all they have earned. It’s not only because Tattoofest is one the most prestigious tattoo events is Eastern Europe but also because our competitions are judged by the most significant Polish tattoo artists that laid the foundations for the development of this phenomenon like Slawek Fraczek or Sebastian “Junior” Jaryszek and that are still an inspiration for A-listed and well-known artists like for example Tofi, who first gained recognition at Tattoofest few year back. As I mentioned, we’re building together a Polish tattoo history, but it’s also a part of a bigger story, because from the very first beginning of TF we were aiming to invite and introduce to our audience international tattoo artists.

As a single tattoo convention is an opportunity for meeting different people with a common interest and passion, so why don’t we broad our horizons and check how the tattoo is developing in other countries? Tattoofest gained its reputation thanks to tattoo artists attending the event. They not only presenting vary styles, working with different techniques (including traditional hand techniques) but what’s the most important they are working on a very high artistic level.

Photo by Kamila Burzymowska


Choosing and inviting artists’ is still the most important while organizing a convention, from first edition in 2006 when we start with 27 artists until now when we hosted a record number of artists – more than 300!

I think nobody willing to get tattooed during the convention wasn’t disappointed and could find an artist and style suiting the needs. For those that was interested to look for an artist or just check what’s going on such events or just want or have some fun wasn’t disappointed as well. As it comes to highlights and attractions I can list thrilling sword swallowing show by an amazing Lucky Hell, meet and greet with gorgeous Monami Frost, model and YouTube blogger that really doesn’t need to be presented, exhibition of paintings by Lukasz Bam Kaczmarek awesome Polish tattoo artists that is also well know from working with different media, art fusion of tattoo artists showing their painting/graphic skills any last but not least contests for the audience with some special and valuable prizes.

Krakow Tattoofest is not only 2000 sq. meters of a busy, buzzing tattoo studio. It’s also 1000 sq meters outside area filled with street food trucks, chill zone with DJ’s, a massive graffiti zone, custom bikes or stands offering to try different urban sports. Not to mention the kids zone, including bouncy castle, where you can leave your kid under the supervisor of a professional caregivers.

All these things mentioned above make Tattoofest a perfect option not only for tattoo lovers seeking for top notch artists but also for visitor seeking for a good urban event in beautiful Krakow.


I invite you to join us at 13th edition of Tatoofest on 2-3 June 2018. More info and on our Facebook profile.  Hope to see you!

Aleksandra Halatek
Krakow Tattoofest convention

Photo by Kamila Burzymowska


The complete Krakow Tattoofest winners list, 2017

Modern Black Tattoo

I place – Akvarko gallery, Joanna Zielińska, Luckytattoo, Poland – model Wojtek

II place – Krzysztof Wiśniewski, Musca Imago, Poland – model Krzysiek

III place – Marcin Pawlus, Dwa Śledzie, Poland – model Marcin


Female’s Composition

I place – Uncl Paul Knows, The Gutter, Greece – model Thalia

II place – Luleone, Chyba Ty Tattoo, Poland – model Sonia

III place – Róbert A Borbás, Rooklet Ink, Hungary – model Alexandra


Best Sleeve

I – Zsolt Zek Kelemen, Comic Tattoo, Hungary – model Diana

II place – Tomasz Tofi Torfinski, Ink-ognito Tattoo, Poland – model Tomek

III place – Yadou, Caffeine Tattoo by Bartosz Panas, Poland – model Marysia


Surreal Tattoo

I place – Łukasz Sokołowski, Pajęczyna, Poland – model Pelikan

II place – Łukasz Sokołowski, Pajęczyna, Poland – model Łukasz

III place – Tomasz Tofi Torfiński, Ink-Ognito, Poland – model Radek

III place – Judyta, Luckytattoo, Poland – model Paweł


Neotraditional Tattoo

I place – Bartosz Panas, Caffeine Tattoo, Poland – model Kordian

II place – Mirek Kopinec, Freihand Tattoo, Czech Republic – model Eliska

III place – Siemor, Nico Tattoo Crew Athens, Greece – model Rudi


Best of Day – Saturday

I place – Uncl Paul Knows, The Gutter, Greece – model Zuzanna

II place – Igor Mitrenga, Overmind Tattoo, Czech Republic – model Niki

III place – Andrey Lukovnikov, Redberry Tattoo Studio, Poland – model Karolina


Big Black and Grey Tattoo

I place – Dima Gorbunov, Suvorov Tattoo, Russia – model Azat

II place – Robert Borbas, Rooklet Ink, hungary – model Daniel

III place – Asia Zielińska, Luckytattoo, Poland & Darek Doktór, Ink-Ognito Tattoo, Poland – model Mateusz


Small Colour Tattoo

I place – Oliwia Daszkiewicz, Zmierzloki Tattoo, Poland – model Mariusz

II place – Luk, Art Force Tattoo, Poland – model Andżela

III place – Dzikson Wildstyle Tattoo, Poland – model Mads


Small Black and Grey Tattoo

I place – Goraj, Goraj Tattoo Studio, Poland – model Marcin

II place – Mateusz WLK Wolski, Rock’n’Ink Tattoo & Piercing, Poland – model Asia

III place – Mateusz Wojtak, Ink-Ognito Tattoo, Poland – model Wioletta


Big Colour Tattoo

I place – Dima Gorbunov, Suvorov Tattoo, Russia – model Mariya

II place – Lehel Nyeste, Tattoo Perspektiv, Hungary – model Lilla

III place – Luk, Art Force Tattoo, Poland – models: Mariusz, Gladi, Paweł


Best of Day – Sunday

I place – Samuel Potuček Tattoo, Inkfamous, Slovakia – model Sapito

II place – Fabian Staniec, Pathogen Tattoo Workshop, Poland – model Konrad

III place – Hubert Napiórkowski, Luckytattoo, Poland – model Marcin

Victor Portugal in Krakow Tattoofest, 2017
Photo: Kamila Burzymowska

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