The Trend of Face Tattoos in Entertainment Industry

Chicago Tattoo & Piercing Co. has been on the market since 1973. The employees have
tattoos on their neck, hands, and even face. On the other hand, face tattoos are pretty
popular today which even become mainstream. Post Malone is not the first entertainer
with tattoos all over his face even though he seemed like the unique one.
Later, the trend had affected Justin Bieber. Bieber said that Malone introduced him to tattoos and then became addicted.

Other artists also inked their faces like putting statements on their bodies.
Lil Xan, Tekashi 6ix9ine, and 21 Savage are just a few of the artists who made their body as a tangible medium. Even Kat Von D, a model and tattoo artist, had some blue stars trailing on her forehead to the cheek. If you open your Instagram, you would find tons of pictures from people with tattoos especially if you use the hashtag face tattoo.
Showing off the ink on their faces is like the main purpose of having them.
Meanwhile, most of them are young people.

Photo Taken By: MediaZink
Headliner Photo By:Kamila Burzymowska

Tattoos have been considered as one of the extreme body arts and it has become
the trend in the community to put ink on their faces.
Meanwhile, it is included in Western culture even though some ancient tribes all over
the world also had this in their culture and had become a belief.

According to a big tattoo artist who had worked with musicians for almost a decade, many young kids do this to themselves for a bigger recognition in social media.
On the other hand, some well-known artists like Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne had made the trend years before Malone.

As we have stated earlier, those two rappers just want to entitle the tattoos to their music and the trend is followed by younger rappers today.