For women, tattoos are one way to make them look more attractive. They put tattoos on different parts of their body to show their sexy aura. Women tattoos are like highlighting their sexy parts of the body like under the neck, on belly, on the arm or body sides under the armpit, and even tattoos on bikini line. When it comes to the sexiest tattoo, what trending today is underboob tattoos.

Like the name suggest, underboob tattoos are tattoos directly under the breast area. The tattoo design for this area can be widely varied from graphic, text, and many other. Some women choose bigger design that the tattoo expand between the cleavage and/or over the sternum.

It can’t be denied that underboob tattoo is very eye catching and definitely will turn many heads. This type of tattoo is well concealed when you want privacy and can be easily shown of when you want to. Underboob tattoos become even more special become some women choose this tattoo so only few people really close to them can see the tattoo. But one thing for sure, underboob tattoo is sexy as hell.

Before you decide to get a tattoo under your breast area, it is much wiser to get more information about this type of tattoo because it isn’t just any other tattoo. Under the breast, between the cleavage, and sternum area have thin layer of muscle and fat between skin and the bones. This means this area is very sensitive and because it is closer to the bone, the pain level from the needle poking the skin is much higher. As this area is very close to the heart, the needle vibration can be highly uncomfortable.

Because the skin is closer to the bone, underboob tattoo is more difficult to make. You need to make sure that the tattoo artist has the skill and the experience. This difficulty level also means the tattoo takes longer to complete. You can expect that tattooing your underboob area will cost higher than tattoo on other parts of your body.