The American model and entertainer Matt Gone got 98% coverage of his body and 1 % internal tattooing inside his body. He has a checkered theme from his head to his toes, ears of 3D flowers and a blue tongue – and of course he has multi-colored eyes. You will recognize him everywhere.
The Checkered Man

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”The Checkered Man” Matt Gone


And that’s exactly where you can meet him – everywhere – because he lives in a suitcase and visits 18 countries a year and participates as performer in several tattoo conventions world wide.
Matt has his address in Portland, Oregon USA when he is not travelling. He got tattooed for the first time as 14 years old by himself but later got a cover-up by a professional. Matt was a professional chef all his life but retired in 2011 due medical issues and then he started to entertain. 4 years ago he entered his first show in Venezuela, a huge show in 4 days. He learned very fast and knew at that time he should me a entertainer like he is today. To day it’s a full time job:


I have the skills to read body language so well that I can work in any location on Earth. Working in any language is my most valuable skill. I work 18 countries a year. I specialize in International communications


To entertain people at the conventions he takes pictures with people. Clown around with the crowd. Speak to the media. Use his looks to attract people inside the events. He is what is known as a “roaming act”. He walks the floor of an event entertaining the crowd. He also have a very large female fan club and take lots of photos flirting with my fans.


Did it hurt?


Matt meet many people all over the world and the most frequently asked question is if it hurts. Matt always reacts with making up jokes, he try to have fun with bad questions. Usually he just tell people ‘’I cry every night’’ when he is being asked about pain.

It’s a tuff job to be the checkered man but Matt sees it as exiting because he likes to travel but in same time frustrating to spend so much times in airports beside he miss his 3 cats when he is gone.

Matt work in Sweden, Aruba, Canada, Peru, France, Curacao, Ecuador, Austria, Colombia, USA, Germany, Mexico, Italy, and Denmark this year. He is booked for the next 2 years. The most extraordinary thing for Matt is to keep doing this – to keep traveling so many countries.


My future is not written. I have many serious medical issues such as Kidney Disease. I have been fighting for my life for 9 years. As long as I am lucky enough to be alive, I will always be “The Checkered Man”


The best experience for Matt in his career is each time he works and you can meet him all over the world and see his schedule at his website

Matt Gone 1

Photo: private
From the left: Liz Kierstein aka Tattoo Liz, Matt Gone and Stephanie Star at Copenhagen International Tattoo Convention.