The Absolute Elite In Tobacco Dock London.
As always the 3rd weekend in September, many of the very best tattoo artists from around the World meet in London and for the several years it has been in the venue called Tobacco Dock.

The venue can easyli host more than 400 artist and many traders, so the visitors has a lot to see.
4 stages around the venue also make it possible to see the many performers and bands playing.

Mediazink as the previous year presents all3 days with live video´s on facebook.
Photogalleries on social medias and of course here on our well visited website.

On monday we bring a recap for all 3 days.


Matthew James and Ryan Evans do 2 big pieces on the same customer
Photo: Jeanett Esfort

This years line up of artists is simply fantastic and it would make any sense to try to highlight any in specific.
You know the quality always are in top when you visit London Tattoo Convention.

Here is some of the hard working artists from the fridaywe caught on camera

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