Milano Tattoo Convention

The 21st Milano Tattoo Convention is just around the corner. From the 5th to the 7th of February, prepare yourself for some non-stop tattoo action for any and all who have been born into this world of artistic wonders. What better place than Milan, Italy- the birthplace of the rebirth of knowledge, culture, and openness of thought- for this exquisite exhibition of pure talent combined with nerve-wracking dedication to the ancient and evergreen art of tattooing. The Ata Quark Hotel, Via Virgilio Ferrari, 20141 Milano, Italy, will host one of the most prestigious tattooing event in the world. The best part is that it is perfect for you even if you know nothing about tattooing.

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. Its ability to open up the world of the professional artist to everyone who is willing to just spare a few minutes for the marvels of the maddening soulfulness of the master craftsman is probably unparalleled. The Milano Convention is not merely a trade show, fair, exhibition, and much more all at once. You are guaranteed to enjoy yourself immensely whether you are completely new to the secrets of this exact art or an old hand at the game. There is something to satisfy or stimulate every being with a soul and emotions, and something to discover for those who believe they have neither!

With renowned artists and talented saplings looking to take the art a step further in every way, the event is meant to give you a real experience of what it is to really nurture one’s inner self to the fullest. A total of two-hundred and fifty experts will be interacting with the public at large and sharing their experiences, masterpieces, and techniques with all who share the love of art, or wish to plunge into its wondrous depths.

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Christos Galiropoulos – Greece:                                                             Mr Pencil:

This is not just a chance for meeting some of the best tattooists, but also some of the most celebrated tattooing models in the world. These may be inspirations and mentors for those who wish to pursue this art- which is arguably just as significant as the skill of the tattooist. To add to that, it is a great place for families to introduce children to tattooing and art in general in a healthy environment. Naturally, the event will have much more than merely tattooing and contains several unique events within the grand event which contribute to making it a must for all. So, whether you are a tattoo enthusiast, a collector, or simply need a little break from your routine the Milano Tattoo Convention is probably the best thing on the menu. The best part is that everyone is happy to share beautiful art, it costs nothing to delight the soul!


Randy Engelhard:                                                                              Marco Galdo – Italy:

So there is nothing to wait for but the countdown to hit zero, because this is not just an opportunity to learn about masterpieces or collect them and put them in a cupboard; tattooing is the art which lets you keep the masterpiece closer to you than your own skin!