Doesn’t Need To Be Deep, Just Needs To Be You:

Personality, when it comes to tattoos, is literally skin deep. Along with our identity. Despite the similarity between personality and identity, I hope people can keep up, as I use the terms in this blog post. With identity, being everything from our experiences, to how we dress, our opinions etc. and Personality being a part of our identity. Personality, so to speak, is how we show off our identity.

In this regard, it makes sense that tattoos become a part of both our Identity, and our personality. However, I would like to make the point, that this still does not mean, that a tattoo needs a deep and profound meaning. In order for a tattoo to work this way. Even a very superficial tattoo, still works as part of our identity and our personality.

In the same way as inaction is still action, so is a tattoo still meaningful even without deep meaning. The image will still, show off some part of our identity. Whether it is a gang tattoo or a homage to a movie the person loves or just a cool piece of art on their skin. It still shows off a part of the individuals identity and to some extent personality.

It Can’t Change Who You Are, It Can Only Boost It:

A normal misconception when it comes to tattoo and personality, as well as identity. Is that getting a tattoo will change who we are or how we behave. The first one simply is not true and the latter is only true to some extent.
I will try to explain both, however they can both be explained in the same way.

Tattoos cannot change who we are! However, especially when personally reflected upon, they can boost our confidence in ourselves. So if you get a tattoo that is very personal to you, either superficially or because of some deep meaning. The tattoo will in both cases fit with your desired self image, thus boosting your confidence.
This is because it brings you closer, to the image you have of yourself, in your mind.

Because of this confidence, many people feel braver and like they can better be themselves. They in some cases stop caring about what other people think of them, to some extent. Thus whatever personality trades they want to put forward, whether it is aggression or kindness, politeness, flirtation or toughness. The tattoo gives them the confidence boost, to better portray the desired personality.

Final Comment:

Personality is indeed not something that can be changed by a tattoo, it can only be boosted. To put it very crudely: If you were a bastard before you got a tattoo, you might be a bigger bastard with that tattoo. However! this also holds true for the opposite; if you were a kind person before you got a tattoo, you might be an even kinder person with a tattoo.

Tattoos help us realize ourselves. Because of this they give us confidence, and make us feel more capable of being ourselves. Therefore they boost our personality traits, they can even help us improve them. Some people have been known to get tattoos, symbolizing traits they want to embody. Yet these changes still come from the individual.
They do not magically appear, because a person gets a certain tattoo.

I hope this theory of mine, was interesting to read. Do keep in mind these are my personal theories, based on my own research, experiences and opinions. But I am always happy to discuss them, with anyone who wants a calm intelligent discussion.

Thank you for reading, feel free to follow me on Instagram (@tattoo_logia) and stay awesome people!