For some parents, the natural course of things after their child starts drawing is to get a tattoo of that drawing on their body. I, as a resident of Poland, am celebrating Children’s Day today. That’s why today I have prepared for you almost 60 tattoos which are based on children’s drawings.


Some people think that it’s a great idea to commemorate the period when children develop their artistic skills, for others it’s a completely incomprehensible decoration on the body. One thing you cannot take away from these tattoos is their uniqueness. It is hard for two children to draw in exactly the same way a more complicated pattern than for example a heart shape. Definitely thanks to those tattoos on the body we can feel that the other person will not have such a pattern. What is more, collecting on your body drawings of a child, who is growing year by year, making more and more interesting drawings, can be a really interesting idea to follow his or her artistic development.


However, whether it is our body that should remember this kind of “art” or not is a question of each of us. We, the MediaZink team, are very curious about your opinion on this subject! Leave us a comment what you think about such tattoos!


Nearly 60 tattoos from the children’s drawing below!

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@Dag from tatstudio_gdansk
Tattoo on David Beckham
Tattoo on Maja Hyży