Tattoos – Not a “Taboo Thing” in Honduras, but an Expression of Love

Years ago, you might have raised eyebrows to see people with tattoos.
But now, the paradigm seems to change significantly.
Yes, tattoos now are not always associated
with criminals, members of a gang, or bad people, but the expression of love.
At least, you will find this phenomenon in Honduras.
People in the country are more permissive with tattoos and see them as a part of body art.

They Are Not Taboo

People in this era are so lucky.
With more open-minded individuals on this planet, all things that are considered taboo in the past time,
including tattoos, are seen as something common now.
You do not have to cover up your tattoos under long sleeves anymore if you need to get around with other people.
At least, people in Honduras have proved that tattoos are fine.
They are now a part of global pop culture and have migrated slowly to the bellies of ordinary people.
They have not been hidden anymore and put on more exposed areas on the body including arms and legs.

Not only as a part of body art, but tattoos are also used as an expression of love.
You will not only see people in Honduras have tattoos characters or pictures from their favorite
books or movies but also quotes, as well as certain symbols.
Hondurans also choose to ink their body with the pictures of their beloved ones to express their love.

They Were Objects of Scrutiny

In the early 2000s, many Hondurans with tattoos faced scrutiny in the era of President Ricardo Maduro.
He passed legislation that banned any association to gangs, including tattoos, to reduce criminal activities in the country.
As a result, people in Honduras choose to get inked in inconspicuous areas on their bodies.
But things have changed now and there are more and more people, both men and women, getting tattoos.
It is very common now to see people’s benign body art of tattoos in Tegucigalpa, Honduras’s capital city.

This is also considered to be one of the hottest fashion trends in the country.
With more people interested in tattoos, more tattoo artists emerge in the country to open
tattoo shops and offer services to more clients.
Tattoo artists in Honduras are not dominated by men anymore.
You can find female tattoo artists in Tegucigalpa easily. It seems that people in the country are in a good
attempt to normalize the form of creative expression through tattoos and make them more common.