Unheard of In The Past:

Tattooed Actors, seemed for a long time to be something, that was totally unheard of. If an actor or actress had a tattoo, it would probably have been small, or at least easy to hide, in order to better transform their appearance for roles. However, today we see more and more who have tattoos. Perhaps it is because of the rising popularity. It might even be because they want to anchor their own identity, among the chaos of all the roles they play.

But the fact remains, more and more actors and actresses have tattoos. They even have more and more extensive tattoo collections. But luckily today, all tattoos can easily be hidden with makeup, so it shouldn’t jeopardize any movie roles.

More and More Actors Sport Ink:

Tattooed actors and actresses are now a dime a dozen. But it goes a bit further than that. Some people might think to themselves that it would mainly be B-list or below actors and actresses, who gets tattooed. However, today we see big Hollywood legends sporting tattoos.

It is not just small tattoos that can be hidden easily either. We have names such as Sylvester Stallone, Scarlet Johansson, Tom Hardy and more. Sporting loads of ink and very big tattoos. Even the (at the moment this article is written) highest paid actor in Hollywood, sports big tattoos and just got more ink done. Indeed we are talking about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

We even see a man like Idris Elba, who was at one point rumored to possibly play James Bond one day. Sporting tattoos on both of his hands nowadays. However the one celebrity that might have all beat, is Johnny Depp, who has quite the extensive tattoo collection.

The Interesting Example of Game Of Thrones:

If you do not know about Game Of Thrones (GOT), you have probably been living under a rock. However, it is only the most observant of fans, along us here at Mediaiznk. who have noticed something very interesting; A handful of the actors and actresses from the series, sport a fair few tattoos.

Some even go as far as having highly visible tattoos, which are hidden with makeup while they film the show.
Especially the actor who played the character of Hodor, has more ink than most actors ever have had.
Even being seen sporting star tattoos next to his left eye, when not on set.

A couple of other examples, are the phenomenal actresses of Lena Headey and Sophie Turner, who both sport a fair few tattoos of their own. All of them seem to prove, that tattoos are a personal thing, that shouldn’t even prevent people from acting. As they can easily be hidden with makeup and costumes.

Final Comments:

As our resident tattoo sociologist here at mediazink can testify to; so many artists and collectors, talk about how celebrities have helped remove the stigma from tattoos, and make them more mainstream. This is indeed one effect that it can have, that more and more actors, show of their ink collections, when they are not on the job.

Certainly one can hope that this barrier being broken for actors and actresses, might inspire more accept, of people with tattoos in general. We here at Mediazink certainly do not mind that more and more actors and actresses sport some cool ink.

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