Tattoo Santas; From Dreamworks to Real Life:

Tattoo santas, before 2012, the world had never seen such a thing or heard about it. But the Dreamworks movie Rise of the Guardians changed this. In this movie, where the main characters of what could be called children centered folklore, are the focurs, Alec Baldwin voices Santa Claus himself. But this is a Santa unlike any other that you are accustomed to.

In this movie’s rendition of Santa, the jolly old guy has a Russian accent, can wield swords, is as jolly as ever and he has his arms covered in tattoos. The last bit caused quite a bit of uproar back in 2012, but people got used to it. The tattoos fit the character, a more grizzly version of Santa, who still takes his job serious and is very jolly.

The movie was so warmly received by children and their parents, that some mall santas around the world, have tried to copy the one from the movie, with tattoos of their own. One Philadelphia mall Santa called Scott Diethorne, did exactly this, but was then asked to tone down his look. The mall wanted to preserve the traditional image of Santa.

Final Comments and a Merry Christmas to all:

Of course we here at MediaZink, salute the Santas out there who copy the one from Rise of the Guardians. It is nice with some diversity out there, people bringing their own touch to a wonderful holiday. but be careful out there, we don’t want anyone to lose their jobs.
But the naughty and nice tattoos of the Santa in the movie, are a nice touch, speaking to the seriousness of his job and the love he has for it. It becomes a nice commentary on modern tattoo culture, one we hope people will notice in this jolly time of the year.

So have a merry old Christmas, watch the movie cause it is awesome and stay safe! For more awesome articles please don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (@Mediazink_Official), for more awesome articles and other content.