The upcoming weekend it all happens in the German city with the name, Zwickau.
This show has been very popular and have grown in size and reputation.
Take a look at the artistlist and be amazed over some of the hottest names in the business, so if you want to explorer the great atmosphere and need a great convention to visit, go to Tattoo Expo Zwickau by Randy Engelhard.

Here is Randy welcome the visitors at the homepage.
With the Tattoo Expo Zwickau by Randy Engelhard, we bring you over all three days an international exhibition with the top artists from around the world.
We bring this concentrated expertise together in one place. Not for nothing the coveted appointments with the artists are often all forgiven in advance.
We promote the highest quality and bring the best of the best to Zwickau. But the Tattoo Expo is not only a tattoo show, but rather an art exhibition in a beautiful historical and artistic atmosphere of the New World.
The interplay of all factors makes this fair so special. Guests from around the world with a variety of influences from the tattoo scene come together here, which literally gets under your skin for an event.
Randy Engelhard


A selection of some of the attending artists artwork

Paul Acker from USA.
Paul Acker
Paul Acker 02Paul Acker 03
Here is a link to Paul Acker VidZink:

Paul-acker VidZink

Pavel Angel from Russia.
Pavel Angel

Moni Maroni from Italy.
Moni Marino
Moni Marino 01
Visit Moni´s website here:

One of the International performers

makani terror
Makani Terror will be performing.
Photo: Phoenix Art-Photography.


Its going to be an amazing show.
More info on the convention.
Visit the website here:
Tattoo Expo Zwickau