Tattoo Blowout And How To Fix It 

If you see the lines of your tattoo are blurry or when some colors bled into each other unintentionally, you are experiencing a tattoo blowout. It does not look nice and in some cases, it could spoil the whole look of the tattoo.

This condition could happen if your tattoo maker used the needle inefficiently. In the end, the ink got pushed deeper into the skin layers than it should be. When the given pressure is more than it should be, the ink could get dispersed to the undesired paths. Most tattoo blowouts can be recognized shortly after the ink injected into your skin. Meanwhile, some cases had shown that it could take weeks to get healed from the blown-out ink.

The angle chosen to inject the ink might be ineffective. However, more experienced tattoo artists could eliminate the risk to a minimum. Still, some areas in our skin could cause this condition too. Besides the human error case, our biological state could lead to the same condition as well.

When the skin layer is pretty thin, tattoo blowouts could happen as well. On the other hand, the risk could be decreased if you ink your nice yet thicker skin layers. Some areas that might be prone to this condition include tops of hands and feet, toes, fingers, ankles, and wrists. Joints also had the same risk of getting blown-out. This is why you need to go to an experienced artist to tattoo on those specific areas.

Unfortunately, it cannot be cured or fixed. However, you can ask an experienced tattoo artist to cover the blowout with more ink. Many people would create a new tattoo over the problematic area to make a better one. You can avoid the possibility of tattoo blowout by not tattooing your thin skin especially with joints on it.