Tatted Dating; Not as Straight Forward as it Seems:

Tatted dating, there is indeed more to it when you think about it, than one may realize at first. But before we get into that, let us just say: We are not trying to complicate things are make this into a big deal. We just got inspired by a lot of anonymous forums. Forums where men and women were talking about problems on this topic. We are well aware, that for many of us in the tattoo community, there is no problem what so ever. But stick with us, you might learn something.

So we stumpled upon a lot of people, complaining about one problem in particular when dating a tattooed person. When they hate their partners new tattoo. Many of these (mainly) women, are at a complete loss, putting their trust in the internet, with what to do when you hate your partners tattoo(s)?

Now we would like to give our advice on this matter, as we know just how important tattoos can be to the wearer, even if they do not make sense to others. Indeed when you date someone your tattoos, sorry for being corny, you date their tattoos as well. It is a part of it you can’t avoid.

The Advice:

We realize there can be several reasons for why a person, hates their partners tattoo. It can be that it has to do with an ex, it might be idiotic in their opinion or really badly made the list goes on. Sadly with the permanence of tattoos and depending on what your partner is willing to do, you might be stuck with that tattoo on them forever.

First piece of advice. Be honest with your partner. But also realize that a tattoo, just like an individuals past, is part of who they are. No matter how messy it is. It is not something that can be removed just like that, and it might be something that means so much to your partner, that they do not want to remove it.

The other piece of advice we can give you, is to find something positive or funny about the tattoo. Search for a silver lining in it so to speak. perhaps it is not as bad as you might be thinking or it might at least be a laugh. However, we realize that exes names are the exception to all advice, that is a tough pill to swallow in most cases. Hopefully your partner will cover that one up for you, else we think he might not be over that ex.

Final Comment:

Tatted dating, when you are both fully covered and both have dumb tattoos within your collections (lets face it, we all have one), it is not really much of a problem. But in the cases where a problem might occur. We hope you guys will listen to our advice, so it doesn’t get in the way of your love.

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