Stick-and-Pock Tattoos: A Flamboyan Declaration of Who Truly You Are

When it comes to the discussion of tattoos, many opinions and arguments will come up to surface.
People make tattoos on their bodies for many reasons.
Some of those people want to just have fun with the tattoo while others want to preserve every
milestone in their lives through it.
Whatever the reason is, tattoos are now considered to be a powerful tool to express your sense of art and love.

Parlor Tattoos VS Stick-and-Pock Tattoos

Most of the time, people will go to a parlor tattoo to get their body inked.
There will be a tattoo artist work to help you make your desired tattoo.
The process will take hours and the price is also quite expensive. With the increasing popularity
of tattoos, several alternatives are made and one of them is the stick-and-pock tattoo.
It is a homemade tattoo to allow you to ink your body without the help of experts.
Sounds impossible to do? Of course not.

Wez Ennzina told a story about how he inked his body with stick-and-pock tattoos.
He admitted the tattoos are like a car crash, not nice at all.
They are so ugly that many people often stare at him and wonder how the tattoos were made.
He never answers nor explains why the tattoos looked that way. Instead, he enjoyed not to give the answer.
He felt the excitement in finding the power in saying “no”.
Ennzina further explains that even though his homemade tattoos are not the impressive ones,
even ugly, still he found them very meaningful.
For him, it is not about the result, but the process of creating tattoos.
He is sure that applying stick-and-pock tattoos are about a bonding ritual, something you
might want to laugh at.

Get Your Own Tattooing Ritual

Unlike professional tattoos, stick-and-pocket tattoos come with a more affordable price.
A package of stick-and-pocket tattoo consists of sewing thread, a needle, and “India black” calligrapher
ink only costs $10 each. You can buy it at Walmart. To avoid unexpected things, you need to sterilize
the needle first before starting to make the tattoos.
You might need a few drinks before and during the tattooing process.
It is not only a part of your admission’s celebration but also to numb the pain caused by the needle.
You might not make non-sense pictures with the tattoos, but it doesn’t mean that the images have
no meaning at all.

Photo by Marcus Anderson.
Taken at Stockholm Inkbash 2019