From Russia to Denmark, with Ink:

Stacy VL is a fairly new tattoo artist, currently working out of the Color Perception studio in Aalborg Denmark.
But she started out her career, with an education in architecture from St. Petersburg in Russia, and with her parents sending her to art classes. It was almost by accident that she became a tattoo artist. But any fan of color, bold lines and the way they mix in neo-traditional tattoos, will be happy she became a tattoo artist.
MediaZink had the pleasure of interviewing this beauty, talking to her both about her modelling and her career as an artist.

The Interview:

1. What age are you and how long have you been tattooing for?

I made first tattoo in September 2013, so soon it will be 4 years. Time flies. Feels like it was just yesterday. I am 30 years old now.

2. How did you get into tattoos?

I was drawing all my life and had passion for tattoes, but never thought I am good enough to become a tattoo artist so it never was my goal.

At my old work one of my colleagues asked me to help him with tattoo design. Later he went in tattoo shop “Color perception” with my sketch. The owner of shop liked it and later I got offered an tattoo apprenticeship. I still think I just got lucky that I got apprenticeship so easy.

3. Where/when did your journey start and where has it taken you so far?

I think my journey started in my childhood when my parents took me to art classes. I am still thankful for my first teacher, who learned me to love art. Since there I knew that my future job should associate with drawing. As a result I got a Bachelor in architectural design specialty in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. But life made a big twist and now I am tattoo artist who works in Denmark, and I can’t be more happier.

4. You both work as a tattoo artist, but you also model a bit here and there, how do you balance it?

Modeling is just a hobby and something I am doing for fun. I am enjoying the process and I am always saying yes to my photographer friends, when they need a model for photoshoot. So there is no trouble of balancing tattooing and modeling. But no matter what I always will give priority for tattooing.

5. How would you describe your own tattoo style?

I love doing neo-traditional style. In my works I am trying to find a balance between simplicity and details. Love adding feminine twist for some of my works. But still I am pretty new in that style and tattooing at all so I think my works will change a lot before I will find my final style. I am learning everyday and I am getting inspired from best neo-traditional artists all over the world.

6. What attracted you to that style?

Firstly, I think it’s a freedom of creating a design. There’s millions of ways how you can make it and play with style, even with traditional motives.

Secondly, that’s a technique. I love bold lines! That’s what helps your tattoo to pop out from skin. And of course a lot of black. It never can be too much. All of that I use in my works.

7. What is the most important thing to you as an artist?

For me is important to learn everyday and become better. There is always a room for progress. That what keeps me moving and work harder – the thought that your next work can be better than previous one.

8. What is your favourite type of tattoo to do?

I am always trying to prepare the design before appointment. The final design in color-must have. That saves my time during tattooing and makes me feel comfortable. My favorite places to tattoo is definitely thighs and lower arms. Big projects is always fun! Would love to do more back-pieces and sleeves in future.

9. What advice would you give to anyone, wanting to become a tattoo artist?
First would be draw a lot. And even when you think you are good enough still keep on doing it.  And other advice which is really important, find good tattoo shop and get an apprenticeship. It’s maybe hard but it is right way to do it. Don’t buy a cheap tattoo machine and start a “home scratcher” career.
10. What are your plans for the future, anything we should keep an eye out

Right now I am working in a lot of styles but hopefully in future I can focus only on my all time favorite neo traditional style. Hopefully soon I can show more of finished big projects. I also plan to draw more designs which will be available so keep an eye on my instagram page. The plan for next year is to go for some guest spots, I really would like to get some experience of working in other shops and learning from some other great tattoo artists.

Final Comments and Gallery:

It seems, that no matter what Stacy does, she excels at it, whether it is her modelling, her fitness and poledancing training (go have a gander at her Instagram boys @stacy.pole_fit). Even her tattooing style, which could make her own stunning looks pale in comparison, to her beautiful tattoo work. However, she is extremely humble about everything, stressing that she will keep on learning and improving always, in order to become a truly great and unique artist.

We here at Mediazink, can’t wait to see what this beauty gets up to in the future, especially with her tattoos already being this incredible. Her mix of color and bold lines, is truly out of this world, her tattoos pop of the skin and into the viewers eyes. We look forward to seeing more of her work later this year, at the 50 Shades of Ink Copenhagen Convention, where she will be attending and working. Maybe you can be one of the lucky people, to sport some of her ink this autumn?


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