Tim Hendricks experienced his childhood in Southern California. He is a moment era Artist and was educated at a youthful age by his dad and has been an expert tattoo artist since 1994. Tim has been tattooing since the mid-nineties, he got his start by tattooing in the area he experienced childhood in amid his mid-teenagers tattooing neighborhood Hispanic hooligans and punk rockers.

Tim Hendricks desires forever and his proceeding with quest for learning, development and travel consolidated with his experience of a protracted tattoo vocation have molded his style of art into something depicted as exceptional and various. Tim Hendricks invests the majority of his energy drawing, skateboarding and surfing endlessly his days and evenings, and right now is chipping away at some new art including pin-ups, painting some new very large scale blended medias.

Professionally Tim Hendricks tattoos out of the success oriented Gold Rush Tattoo in California. He additionally showed up as a standard team part in the last period of Miami Ink and could be discovered tattooing out of the Miami Ink Tattoo shop, LoveHate Tattoo while filming. Presently the show has finished, Tim still tattoos at LoveHate, however invests the majority of his energy tattooing (and surfing) in Hawaii, home of his life partner Liz, and California. Tim Hendricks is additionally a proficient painter and is as of now taking a shot at a moment Pin-up book. His artwork can be purshased through his Saltwater Tattoo site alongside his custom tattoo machines. Tim likewise broadly tutored the exceptionally capable Kat Von D when she was 16. Tim Hendricks is joyfully married to the wonderful Elizabeth Makana Alia Boonnark since April 2009. Tim already showed up on the TV demonstrate Miami Ink and can at present be seen on NY Ink.

Tim Hendricks got his first genuine tattoo at the very shop he possesses now himself. He experienced childhood in Fullerton, about a mile from the shop. He is extremely happy that he had held up more than 20 years before he himself possessed a shop that way however, he adapted such an extensive amount what to do and what not to do as a shop proprietor. He has one of the best teams any individual could request, he truly doesn’t need to do much other than show others how it is done. He tries to be straightforward and direct about everything to give the case to his team to take after. He works one next to the other with the majority of the other group part, it’s a give and take working technique that he has picked.

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Hendricks personally adores the art of tattooing a lot. He has seen the art shape and the business from pretty much every edge over his 23-year vocation, yet that includes the (truly) burdensome side of it too. Hendricks as of late has set out to Germany to have surgery on his back, yet another coarse reality numerous tattoo artists confront after years in the tattoo business.