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Sophie or Sophie X Tattoo is a good friend and brilliant tattoo artist, from Canada, where she has been building her career and craft for little over a decade by now, along with a strong and loyal clientele, who are all great fans of work and personality and with good reason.

Her vibrant style, which I could only describe as neo-traditional with an artistic and fairytale like twist to it, which makes it unique and breathtaking.
Beneath her is a full interview, where I talked with Sophie about her own experiences and ideas about the tattoo industry, as well as talking about her own style and ambitions:

1:       What is your age, country(origin) and where do you currentl live (and Work)?

I am 28, I am from Montreal Canada, and I work there, at Electrik Kopper Tattoo and in London at the moment.

2:       How long have you been a tattoo artist for now?

 I started apprenticing when I was 18, so it has been 10 years now, but my first years were not what you would consider being a proper tattoo artist.
I had to learn most of it as I went along and I wish I would have had someone, properly sitting next to me teaching me.

3:       How did your career as a tattoo artist start, what got you into the art and the craft?

I was always into tattoos, I remember asking my parents for tattoos when I was 12. Obviously I never got tattooed until the age of 18! The first time I was in a tattoo shop was because I was dating an older boyfriend at the time and he was getting a tattoo. I remember being so happy, and the people around were just having a good time, working and doing art, and it just seemed like the best job in the world.. and I think at that point, I was sure I wanted to do this. 14063606_1655554668095594_967030635_n
So after getting my first tattoo, 6 months later, I went to the Montreal tattoo convention for the first time, in 2006. That’s when I build up my courage and asked the owner of the place where I got my first tattoo done to take me as an apprentice.. 

4:       What has been/is your favourite place to tattoo/Work (so far), in the World?

Hum that is a tricky question, because work is always fun no matter where I am. I think it’s the time spent with my clients that makes it a nice session. I could not pick a favorite, as I don’t think I have traveled enough.
In Montreal I have an awesome clientele that I spent 10 years building.
Now some of my clients have become friends over the years.
When you travel it’s different. It’s new people most of the time, and I think I am very privileged to meet so many awesome people in so many different places! 

5:       How would you describe your own personal style and what has inspired it?

I think I would fall under the neo-traditional category.. I love so many artists.
So many of them influence my work.. I want to try and focus more on many other types of art now, than just tattoos.. I think I need to focus more on various things, to be able to create new things without trying to have the same style as someone else and fit into a strict category. I try to bring my personal touch in my designs, I love ornaments and decorations.. off course I could easily say that Antony Flemming and Tiny Miss Becca and lots of other artist have influenced my work. They are wonderful people and have been kind enough to give me advice here and there and I am very thankful for that! 

6:       What is your favourite kind of tattoo to do and what makes for/composes a great artwork1tattoo in your opinion?

I like doing medium sized pieces or something that can be finished in one go, because they are great fun, but I love doing larger scale work too!
I love doing a good cover up and take it as a good challenge.
Obviously, when a cover up is a good option, but sometimes laser needs to come to the rescue before we can do anything.. 
I also love it when people get my own designs, it’s a great feeling to have someone trust you to that extent! I am very grateful every time!
I think what makes a good tattoo, is how well tattooed it is, if the skin is saturated enough and that the lines are straight.. when it comes to the design, to each their own, I am in no place to judge. But I think the basics would be strong saturation without damaging the skin and clean lines.  

7:       What is your favourite type of client and/or Work environment?

I love a heavily decorated studio, Jayne Doe and the Circle are the two studios I loved the most, decoration wise! I also do love my own little space back home in Montreal. A private studio, in a loft with two other artist, Val Day and Mewo Llama. A small shop by appointments only.
I love the freedom it gives me. I come in on my own time and book my own appointments. A stress free environment where it is nice to create and have people over for tattoos. Always a good time! 

8:       What is the next step for Sophie x Tattoo or indeed Sophie?

I am still very focused on working in London at the moment, Montreal is my home base, but I hope to be in London as often as I can for the remaining time of my visa! After this, I cannot really say what I have planned.
I want to do a lot more personal artwork and maybe sell some art prints. Traveling will still be a big priority for me in the next few years, hopefully, there will be plenty of conventions to come too! 

9:       What would your advice be, for any Young people who want to try their best at being a13534230_494363560761066_1539589269_n tattoo artist, how should they go about becoming a tattoo artist?

I am being asked this question quite often and honestly I always say don’t.
And if after that you still want to, try and draw as much as you can, get tattooed by your favorite artists, and then maybe try and find a good shop to apprentice at, make sure you really want this because it is going to be a bumpy ride!
A fun, crazy ride, but ups and downs for the next few years!!

10.   (bonus question) What do you think of the role of tattoos, in our modern society? Is discrimination gone or is it ever lingering?

I think the more I travel the more I get to experience this, I would say that I am very fortunate to be from a place where people do not judge you for your tattoos, and do not discriminate for it. It has not always been the case for me while traveling and would advice people to think twice before getting apparent tattoos on their hands face and neck! 

Sophie X Tattoo, a wise young tattoo artist, who already has a lot of experience and some great artwork and tattoo skills to show for it, she is a friendly and lovely artist, with a unique and stunning style, who you should check out and keep an eye on as she continues to conquer more and more of the world, with her awesome tattoos.

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