Existing for 28 years, working the EC Antonio da Silva in handball reaps benefits in the largest student competition in Brazil.

Existing for 28 years, working the EC Antonio da Silva in handball reaps benefits in the country largest student competitionWith the recent achievement of the World Handball Championship held by Brazilian women, it is normal that from now on, the mode will spread and face new small schools and projects related to sport, not much practiced in the country. However, the social project carried out by the EC Antonio da Silva, in Nova Iguaçu, city Baixada Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro, is the exception, and is proud to now be almost a trintão.


Started in 1986 by Professor João Batista da Costa, the work consists of removing underprivileged youth from the streets of the city and direct them to the sport and social inclusion through the handball. Another goal, not least, is the decrease in truancy. “Just to give you an idea, we decided to put the picture of our city in numbers. In 2007, we had 200 children, of whom 31% were deprecated in school. Through study groups, developed strategies and targets set in 2013 that number dropped to only 3%. Therefore, the Department of Sports of Rio de Janeiro embraced the project and began to support it. The result is that today we have a consolidated project, with an athlete playing in Barcelona and the Brazilian national team, playing in other pines, and at various clubs throughout Brazil, “said Joel Dutra, coach of the team representing the school in most student competition in the country, and one of the brave teachers who carry the wonderful work.

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Besides the development of new talent for the sport and the huge reduction in truancy, the results in court finally appeared in the edition of João Pessoa of School Games. The men’s team defeated in the late afternoon this Friday, the 14th, the CED06 (DF) by 22-15, qualified for the final of the 2nd division of the sport, and more, gained access to the 1st Division of the Games in 2015 . “Despite all the difficulties, we move on, because there is nothing to pay to see a smile on his face that kids,” Joel said during the celebration of the final classification and access to the 1st division.

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In the final, to be played in the afternoon of Saturday, the 15th, the locals will face EE. May 13, the city of Sorriso, in Mato Grosso, who defeated the EC Manuel da Silva, Ceara, by 25-18 in the other semifinal, and also has secured access to the 1st division in 2015.

The Youth School Games are organized and conducted by the Olympic Committee of Brazil, correalizados by the Ministry of Sport and Globo, with support from the Government of the State of Paraíba, João Pessoa Prefecture and master sponsored by Coca-Cola.


And the year 2014 for the female Handball was many achievements:

We started the year in February being invited to compete in the school national championship that was played in Guarapari (ES) then immediately play the World Cup in Odete sagrando champion, then came the first conquest of the year, then came the first stage of Rio League Handball and in sagramos champions. So we had a new stage, put and believe that our team tunga able to play an adult competition al the call came from the cruise sports secretary who believed in our group in our work and participate in the regional Caraguatatuba (SP) managing to reach the fifth placement in an adult competition with the youth team, planning was going well, we returned the regional with a pace of play and a very good physical condition and then came our main the Student Games and got success in consecrating undefeated champions and giving us the vacancy for the Brazilian Student Games which is the main national competition and in the same week we were JOENI champions and the next week we travel the joeni p João Pessoa (PB) and managed to keep the Rio de Janeiro in elite handball and coach of acclaim Morten selection Soubak, unfortunately we could not qualify for the semifinal, we returned before and had game Intercollegiate and were in another final and even the whole team shorn got another youth title and not end up there, had the final leg of the League Rio Handball and sagramos general Champion and reports that I got very emotional, we had the best new Iguaçu athlete Jessica Ribeiro, to end the dispute played third in the Carioca championship and we get the bronze. 2014 many achievements and work, but I’m not one bit happy 2015 masters work even harder to achieve new goals.

This retrospective that just did and I could not conquer alone, so I want to thank everyone who helped me and gave me these unforgettable moments, thank you: