The Skulltress; Makeup On Another Level:

The Skulltress, or Vanessa Davis as she is also known, makes magic with her makeup skills. If anyone has ever been in doubt about, how much art that can be expressed in makeup, show them this young lady and they will rethink their conceptions.
What the Skulltress can do with makeup, goes beyond normal makeup and into the realm of body-art.

More specifically it is clear to see in her creation, in some she even does it directly, that body painting is a part of her creations.
She creates the most beautiful skull makeup creations, all on herself no less. Using anything from sparkling gems to neon colors.
It is truly marvelous what Vanessa can do and no wonder, why she is taking the internet by storm.

Watching her creations go from simple yet elaborate makeup, into the amazing skull faces she creates, is like a magic show. Her audience can see it being done, but they can’t quite understand how she does it. it is amazing to watch.

From Halloween to her Own Phenomenon:

It all started out in a very simple and modest way for Vanessa. She was going to a Halloween party, but she didn’t have a costume.
But she then painted half a skull on her face and went to the party anyways. People were so impressed with her makeup skill and she got so many compliments, that it became her thing.

She was already interested in makeup artistry, but the compliments at the party, pushed it into overdrive. She started her Instagram and quickly made skulls her focus and her “thing”. Just like many other makeup artists on YouTube and Instagram, have their own style and theme.

Final Comments:

Honestly, anyone would be lucky if they ever got to model one of the Skulltress’s creations. But you at least owe yourself to go and have a look at what she does. It is truly amazing and real creative artistry, all done by one young woman. It is inspiring to see someone, making their hobby into something so awesome that everyone can love and enjoy.

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