Sideshow and Freak Show Master – Johnny Strange

Talking about the one who can do an extreme Performance, Johnny Strange is one of the answers.
Strange is a street performance and after a lot of his extreme performances, he is called the man with strong ears.
He has a strong character who combines humor and danger in the stage along with stand-up comedy, circus, and sideshow. 

Photo By: MediaZink  

His Career 

Johnny Strange was an magician who focuses on escaping from a
variety of obstacles.
He was inspired by the greatest escapologist of a lifetime.
Stranger learned so many tricks such as escaping from consecutive jackets, bars, and chains.
His skill improved a lot while learning more on a variety of extreme tricks including whip crashing, pick up weights,
shooting on target, and also trick to manipulate the audience.
He can also do some classic tricks including sword deglutition.
The human bonehead, passing through the broken glass.
Put fire in the mouth, chewing broken glass, and sleep at the top of bed with nails.

Along with his extreme ability and popularity, Johnny Strange got featured publications on two most popular television shows that introduce unique and strange things.
He also became a guest on some radio and television programs.
Even, he had his variety show entitled Johnny Stranger’s Theatre of Wonder in 2012.
In this variety show, Strange showed his extreme performance on
specific skills. Such as throwing knifes on a target, handle a wild and dangerous animal like a snake, show his powerful body, and any kind of performances, hand balancers, and fire breathers.

Johnny with Mr Robert LaSardo in Denmark

The Most Memorable Extreme Performances 

During his career, Johnny Strange has some memorable extreme performance.
One of his unforgettable performance was when he got an achievement
in 2013 from the most popular television show.
At that time, Strange tried to pull a plane with his ears.
The result leads him to get a record because he could pull a heavy thing with his ears.
Then, he accepted the challenge from the Guinness World Record to do the same in which he pulled an aircraft for 67ft.
Because of his performance, he got another world record for the heaviest of a vehicle, that is pulled by using a pier of pierced ears.

On 13 December 2016, he achieved his next Guinness World Records for swallowing some swords in three minutes and most newspapers split with a bullwhip in one minute.
Even, one of the most popular media announced that his action cut melons on the stomach while lying in a bed with nails is the best extreme attraction ever.

Another extreme performance was when he achieved a record for the most apples chainsawed out of the mouth.
International Business Times announced that it was the weirdest and wonderful performance ever.
It became a special performance for Strange because he showed it to celebrate the birthday party of one of the most popular television
shows in that era.

Johnny with Matt Gone in Sweden