Finally, we can proudly present you our beautiful poster girl for 2021 – Shonda Mackey from Arizona, USA!



The author of all Shonda’s photos is Kamila Burzymowska, who also did a short interview with her. Be sure to read.


When did you start working as a model?

Full time? The second Covid hit, but before that it was always part time since 2005


What would you say to yourself and what advice would you give yourself if you could go back to the time when you started posing in front of the camera?

That no one photo shoot is going to make or break your career! That not one single photographer can change your path because no matter what what is meant to be yours will be


How do tattoos on your body affect your career?

It has made jobs a little bit more harder to get because I only fit certain clients style and only certain clients are open to working with tattooed models but it has made me unique and not blend into agency modelsΒ 

You have many successes, which of them is the most valuable for you?

I think being able to work with incredible photographers like Matthew Jordan Smith who shot almost every celeb I know, and when we work together it is so incredible because he isn’t judgemental of me he is looking at me as an equal to those he is shot before. To me that is the biggest blessing, to be working with people of this caliber and knowing that I got myself to this level and no agency or manager did. To be recognized worldwide is such a phenomenon to me because I have a literally come from the smallest town in Colorado

What do you like most about being photographed?

The creation. I love that all of these different cameras produce different results they all have different amazing things that you can do with them and I love the art of the photograph. Sure it’s super easy to pose in lingerie but if A photographer comes to me and was like yo I got the super hard concept that I need somebody to like standstill for six hours I am all for that type of stuff! I love something so challenging no one thinks it can be done and BAM we kill it!Β 


You are not only a photo model but you are also a hostess on tattoo conventions. How do you find yourself at such events?

Haha! Yes it’s incredible to host events! I have been submitting to host shows for so long but no one wants you unless you’ve hosted before which makes it so hard! I’m so thankful to Brussels for having me!


What are your other hobbies except modeling and what do you like to do in your free time?

Hiking, enjoying days with my puppy, I taught myself how to do nails during covid so that keeps me busy with my own, and currently learning photoshop to be able to edit my own images. On top of always researching health! In a vegan and I love to learn all about food and it’s connection to the body!Β 


What are your biggest dreams?

Hmmmm, I’m gonna keep this one a secret cuz I’m about to make it come true next January!! Follow me and you’ll see!! 😱😱😱


Model: Shonda Mackey

Photographer: Kamila Burzymowska