Service Announcement; Your Opinions Matter:

We have a little Service Announcement for all our fans, here in the middle of summer. We work our hardest, to bring you guys our fans lots of content. Anything from cool culturally focused articles, news within the world of body-art, artist reviews and more. It is not that we are lacking any material and we keep on growing as we go along.

But we still have the dream of not just being a place to go for news and cool articles. We want to be a community and driven by our fans as well. We want to make sure, that you guys love what we do and want to keep supporting us.
To this effect, we have some favors to ask you guys, so that we may keep growing and provide better content for you.

Please whenever you have time, like and share the material we bring you guys. Comment on them too, let us know what you guys think. When we know what you think, we can do more to meet your wishes for what we should write about. Of course we have a plan for what we want MediaZink to be, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear your ideas. Also if you have an idea for something we should write about, don’t sit quietly, let us know by sending us an email. Who knows, we might think what you have in mind is interesting.

Final Comment:

We hope you get what we wanted with this service announcement. Once again, it is not that we lack material. It is all because we want to interact with our fans and make this site about community. We will continue to work hard and we hope you guys will continue to support us.

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