You will definitely agree with me that in the tattoo industry there are people who do not do tattooing on a daily basis but are so important that you can not imagine that they would not exist. For me, one of these kind of people is Sasky from Banana Ink. For 10 years, he travels the whole world because for tattoo conventions and show everyone his passion for tattooing banana peels. When you hear it for the first time it sounds crazy. But when you meet him you will understand that he is one of the really few very positively crazy people with a passion which he takes really seriously!

Like everyone passing the Sasky’s booth at the tattoo convention, you will definitely want to try to tattoo the banana peel yourself, and then it turns out that although both children and adults can do it, it is not so easy. And then, for a moment, thanks to Sasky, you’ll be able to feel like a tattoo artist. Doesn’t that sound great? 

So let me introduce the person to whom this article will be devoted. Przemysław Sasor whose all his friends call Sasky, and of course people at tattoo conventions call him Banana is 36 years old simple guy from Poland. That’s what he says about himself, but for all of us who know him, he’s not just an ordinary guy. He’s a big fan of tattoos and everything in this industry. His involvement in the tattoo industry can be heard in all his statements, e.g. “I’m so happy that I’m not tattoo artist but I can be a part of this amazing culture. Everything what I am doing, for me is very special and I hope that I’ll do it till the end of my life”.

What he does is totally unusual, because he shows people how to tattoo something other than human skin using the same tattoo equipment (original and best on the market) as when doing human tattoos by tattoo artists. Everyone can try it, so there are kids (the youngest was only 18 months and of course Sasky helped him to hold machine but all moves was made by him), adults (the oldest was 81 years and he is grandfather of Marcin Gadziński – a great polish tattoo artist), tattoo artists and beginners. I’m sure this introduction has definitely encouraged you to know better this fascinating guy so I warmly invite you read an interview with him below 😉

Sasky, for me you are the person who undoubtedly changed the way people from around the world look at topic of tattoos. You’ve shown everyone that you don’t need human to make a tattoo. Of course, I mean tattooing banana peels. It turns out that not only human skin is a good canvas. Tell me more about what exactly do you do?

Yeah it’s true, I don’t need human skin, because I use a banana peel. Banana peel is able to take ink under the skin, so we can make every tattoo effect. It’s very easy to make tattoo on banana peel because it’s soft and it’s easy to put ink under the skin. We can use proper tattoo stuff, the same like we would like to do tattoo on people but we don’t hurts anyone.

I’m not talented person and I can’t draw very well, so I didn’t think about being a tattoo artist, and I did’t try to be. I didn’t feel good during thinking about a pig skin or stupid friends to try tattooing. But when I heard about tattoos on banana peel the first time I was sure that it will be good fun. It was 2009 when I tried to make a banana peel tattoo for the first time.

When and where raised the idea for tattooing bananas? Did you invent it yourself or did someone suggested you this idea? The longer I think about it, it seems like a really crazy idea!

I heard first time about about tattooing banana peel in the end of 2009 at Inkognito Tattoo studio by Tomasz Tofi Torfinski. With Tofi we are friends from the youngest time and we lived in the same skyscraper. When Tofi opened his studio I was there almost everyday. One day I heard about tattoos on banana peel that it is good way to start tattooing. Then it was like a fun and not a way to be tattoo artist. It was end of 2009 when Tofi showed me how to prepare tattoo station and how to make first steps. For me it was great fun and I didn’t expect that it’ll be my future (hahahaha). Every time when I could try it again I did. Like everyone knows Tofi is very famous tattoo artist and many times he’s doing guest spots.

It was January of 2010 and Tofi was at Kult Tattoo Fest. After his guest spot he talked during the dinner with Aleksandra Hałatek and Radosław Błaszczyński – they are organizers of Tattoo Fest in Kraków. He said that I’m visiting his shop and just for fun I’m tattooing bananas. For Ola and Radek it was great news, and they started thinking that it is a good idea to make this as an attraction at their tattoo convention.

They called to me and asked: “Can you show people how to use tattoo machine on banana peel?”. I was in big shock that I can be a part of amazing tattoo event. Of course, I said YES. I was worry and I didn’t expect that people would like to try, but after I opened my stand next to this was a line of waiting people. After Tattoo Fest in Kraków it was only two weeks when another organizer called to me and said that they saw in Kraków what I’m doing and maybe I would like to visit their event. So I was a good person in a good time. That’s how I started with my Banana Ink.

During all these years you have had to visit many events in many countries. Have you ever counted how many countries you’ve visited because of your passion for banana tattooing?

For the first five years I was only in Poland and Ivisited forty different cities. In many cases even several times. In 2015 I was abroad for the first time. It was in the UK on Liverpool Tattoo Convention. Then I was in Scotland, Ireland, Hong Kong, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Hungary in 34 difference cities.

You are really known in the world of tattooing and certainly you meet many people during tattoo conventions. I think that if someone works with people, always have a lot of interesting stories to tell. What could you tell us about? Don’t limit yourself! 

Haha are you sure about the limit? After ten years it’s not so easy to choose, but I know that every my “Banana Trip” I had full of amazing moments. I can visit a many countries and many different people from every culture. If you can take from these places and peoples something good and use in your life then you are the winner. If I can spread a tattoo culture around the world, this is the biggest adventure for me. I’m so happy when people want to try tattooing on banana peel and then they are inspired thanks to this and do something more and develops as tattoo artists.

At the moment on the world there is 56 tattoo artist whose tried tattooing with me on the banana peel for the first time and now they are working in tattoo shops or even they are the owners of the shops. Definitely a very special moments for me are when I come back to some cities and kids remember me and call me: “Hello uncle Banana, this is great that you came back!”. That is why in my opinion when you doing something for the people and thanks to this they’re happy and satisfied it is like the best adventure in your life. In the end… I remember my every trip so maybe one day I’ll write a book with my adventures hahahahah


You certainly did not expect that this crazy idea from years ago will develop so much and that after so many years you will continue to do it. I also guess that thanks to this you have fulfilled many of your dreams. Is it true?

Oooooo yeah of course I didn’t expect. Before my first convention I was thinking only about Kraków that maybe I can be there in every year and it was like dream. I even didn’t expect that people would like to try. I wasn’t thinking that I will be tattooing all day and people will just come to watch. So I was in big shock when I see the line of the people in Kraków 2010. You can imagine, I was a first time at tattoo convention in 2006 in Kraków and until 2010

I visited five conventions like a visitator and I was fall in love in this culture. There every talk with every with big peace for each other. So it was perfect idea for me when they proposed me to be a Banana Man hahaha. I finished physical education and I could work like teacher at school. I realy like to show people how to do something, but after my sports college I had a car accident and as a result of injuries I got a disability group and I couldn’t teach at school. My school prepared me very good for the teaching. Now I’m doing what I really love and for me it is the biggest dream come true.


Finally, please tell me about your plans. Do you have any?

In September 2019, I had already planned 2020. Due to Covid-19 and the blockage of the entire tattoo industry, I only managed to go to 4 events this year. I hope that we can come back very soon to our normal life and I still can travel with my Banana Ink around the world. I have some proposition from Asia and USA so I hope that one day I can be there. Now iItry to do something with my little brand like t-shirts, caps, patchs, cups and maybe something new. I also have one idea and maybe one day you will see what it is. After ten years I try to slow down and take it easy. Pandemia learned me that it’s super nice to stay at home longer than one week.


Thanks a lot and I wish you another 10 years and much more in tattooing bananas!

Big thanks for your attention and I hope that you liked it! Greetings and see you soon somewhere.

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All photos were taken by Kamila Burzymowska.