Sara Iuso is an Italian tattoo artist who has now been tattooing for around 10 years

Since a young age Sara has fulfilled her passion for art through a variety of different artistic mediums,
namely drawing and painting.
Her work mainly inspired by a mix of her own emotions and her favorite music
(namely black metal and goth).

Sara Iuso Profile
After starting her tattoo career in Italy she moved to London to push her personal growth and further
develop her own style, tattooing there professionally for 5 years.
Soon after she began to attend numerous international tattoo conventions in order to submerge
herself in tattoo culture, learn technique, and draw inspiration.
Sara has since moved to Berlin, Germany, where she is currently an integral member of the team at
the 20 year old iconic tattoo studio, Apocalypse Tattoo.
Finally having found a home well suited to her dark and creative tastes.
Here you will find her applying her craft with passion and precision, as well as at various tattoo
conventions and guest spots around the globe.
Her style is a mix of blackwork and/or black and grey with occult imagery, floral illustrative designs,
and at times using color to enhance these themes.

Here is the gallery from Sara


Media links :
Instagram : @sarahb0109