Tattoos are one of the works of art that requires you to ink down a design or pattern of your choice into your skin and either permanent or temporary, it leaves a mark. But this skill is a gift only few talented have and knowing that you have one chance to show case your talent on the fleshy canvas, it is truly a gutsy profession. Although, it is a taboo in many societies but this deviant act is a form of expression to many. The expression of their emotions, their desires, their needs, their wishes and even their interests.

This form of expression is now becoming a norm in the society and is also becoming a trendy fashion statement. But passion is like a driving force that gives you the motivation and sole purpose to get going.

Photo: Samuel Sancho Mayor

And those few who have this knack are very well driven, skilled and gutsy to pursue it! Likewise, in Mollet del Valles, lives Samuel Sancho Mayor, who is one of the brilliantly endowed tattooist of about 29 to 30 years of age. He started working at Wanted Tattoo Studio in 2004 and since then has been one of the core residents of the studio, building his clientele in the vicinity and training many young aspiring tattoo artists.

Not only this but, Sancho is a part of the program, ‘Capsinquiets,’ where he trained emerging tattooists and demonstrated his skills on volunteers. His passion was instilled from the Jackson Brown Jr. quote, ‘Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do…’ Hence, from then on he believed in pursuing his dreams and passions and now is well known for his beautiful, detailed and intricate designs.

Moreover, he has been credited to rewarding the 1st prize for Best Play Saturday and consequently also winning the 1st prize Black and Grey Sunday. He is famous for his Contemporary patterns, Floral roses, Buffonetti designs, Realistic and Chicano designs, Tribal, Polynesians, Mistyco and Religious designs, etc. among many others.  however, this does not restrict his work as you can walk right in to his studio and get your own design or pattern on your skin! From bloody skulls, to beautiful roses to biological heart diagrams to gothic punk skulls to the religious symbols to the animals and even Nintendo characters. You name it and Sancho will ink-up your flesh!

Sancho believes in celebrating every event by expressing it through partaking various conventions and demonstrating his skills on tattoo lovers. Like the JKF celebration event, and he decided to tattoo the face of John F Kennedy. And currently he is in search of new artists who will help him in promoting and enhancing the Buffonetti designs of tattoos. So if you are an aspiring tattooist and really good at your work, then you better sign up to work under an expert’s supervision!